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An Interview with Wolfie

Click through to our latest issue to read Wolfie’s full interview with Music Editor Lawrence Linnell from page 51. Hear about Wolfie’s inspirations, fashion and her movements in the music industry!

Playlist: Sunday Session – April 2016

April came and went in it's usual drag queen get up... wearing every season like some kind of meteorological outfit demon. Fortunately we kept a level head and continued raiding the coffers of every new [...]

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SECRETSUNDAZE Summer Opening Party – BeSocial this Bank Holiday Weekend

Wondering what to do this bank holiday weekend? Look no further, we are all heading down to St John of Hackney Wick tomorrow to kick off the weekend of fun! Full juicy line up to get [...]

Half Hour with Hattie Collins: BeInspired in Grime

The music industry is an ever-changing sea of talent and sounds, with an almost limitless reach. This attribute can also be extended to a select few who operate behind the scenes, pulling the strings that [...]

The Playlist – Sunday Mornings

Cocooned in duvet, head bleary from the weekend and a long week. Sunday mornings are the pay off for the grind. The stretching hours where there is nothing to be done but take your waking [...]

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Playlist: Sunday Session – March 2016

As of the 20th of March it's officially spring! Can almost taste the vitamin d seeping into your ghostly pale skin... then again this is the UK so let's not go getting carried away. Fortunately [...]

Playlist: Sunday Session – February 2016

February was a good month! Not only did we defy ghostbusters II and survive valentines day (actually scrap that... surviving corporate love day any year is an achievement) but 2016 is a leap year! This [...]

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