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BeExposed Sunday Sessions

The Sunday Sessions

Every Sunday we feature a new track on our blog. If you know an artist that needs exposure please drop us an email to music@beexposed.co.uk

Playlist: Sunday Session – April 2016

April came and went in it's usual drag queen get up... wearing every season like some kind of meteorological outfit demon. Fortunately we kept a level head and continued raiding the coffers of every new [...]

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Playlist: Sunday Session – March 2016

As of the 20th of March it's officially spring! Can almost taste the vitamin d seeping into your ghostly pale skin... then again this is the UK so let's not go getting carried away. Fortunately [...]

Playlist: Sunday Sessions – January 2016

2015 was a pretty wondrous year for new music and by the looks of things 2016 is shaping up to carry on in fine form... As usual we present you with our pick of the [...]

Playlist: Sunday Sessions November 2015

Winter is well and truly here... the trees are bare, the weather is miserable and we're all maintaining our happiness by upping our red wine intake. However, November was a pretty perfect month for new [...]

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Sunday Session: Wolfie – I Be Ghost remix by Ray Sargent

This Sunday we lend our ears to an incredible new remix of Wolfie’s self-penned creation ‘I Be Ghost’ by 22-year-old Ray Sargent. Giving an open invite for any producer to blend their sound with hers, [...]

Sunday Session: October 2015

October has been a jam packed month for us. We have been running all over London creating photoshoots for our next issue, staying up late interviewing and vibing with amazing artists at their gigs, let [...]

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