Celebrating pioneering spirit in urban expression and style

8th October, Number Six, Dray Walk, Old Truman Brewery,  E1 6QL,7pm

 soundtracked live by Citizenn & License 2 Trill DJs

Anyone who has had their sports eye on the radar will know that ellesse has made a come back in a big way. Personally being a fan of sportswear and the resurgence of our much loved old school brands, this event is one I am not passing off. On 8th October original style innovator ellesse will be hosting a one-off event at East London’s Number Six, where they’ll be screening a new short film exploring the concept of pioneering spirit from the perspective of four distinct characters from the contemporary cultural landscape. Alongside carefully selected pieces from the ellesse archive there will be a photographic exhibition and live performances from Citizenn and License 2 Trill DJs. This event is open to the public via guest list, come and join us for some Sol beer by signing up here.

The ellesseexplores documentary features contributions from:

 Andres Branco: Wavey Garms Founder

Since 2012, Wavey Garms has been the go-to platform for new and vintage streetwear, born out of frustrations with eBay.

 Jimi Crayon: Artist + Designer

Jimi Crayon grew up in Brighton on the south coast of England where he spent his days skateboarding, painting graffiti, playing basketball and reading comics. His early immersion in pop-culture, mixed with a life long love of vibrant and forward thinking art and design created the perfect environment for Jimi to develop his energetic and upbeat style.

JuiceGee: Streetwear Blogger + Stylist

JuiceGee is many things: a creative, stylist, blogger, shoe lover, entrepreneur and co-founder of Small Feet Big Kicks, to name but a few! Her love for footwear spans almost a decade, with the idea for ‘Small Feet Big Kicks’ being to sell trainers for smaller footed people, alongside the motto “why should you have big feet to wear nice shoes?”



Nick Bam: License 2 Trill founder + Piff Gang member

 Licence 2 Trill is a collective with a focus on parties, music and culture within London, also comprising of DJs CWD, DJ Reid and Jets.

See you there people!


About ellesse: ellesse was founded by Leonardo Servadio in Perugia, Italy in 1959. The name ellesse derives from the initials of Servadio’s name, “L.S.” Through the 1970s and 1980s, ellesse gained a reputation for combining sportswear functionality with street-level fashion styling. It was one of the first sportswear brands to feature their logo prominently on the outside of its garments, a bold statement by Leonardo – the pioneering spirit behind the brand that continues to innovate and inspire today.