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BeBeautiful: Behind the scenes of issue#9

If you haven't graced our beauty pages with your presence just yet, then you are fully missing out on the goodies! 'On the Flip Side' has been one of our strongest beauty editorials we have shot to date. Beauty Editor Jolanda Coetzer worked her makeup wonders with our black and white theme. Alien warrior hair mixed with [...]

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BeBeautiful: Red Anchor beard oil and face and beard cleanser

Words: Fashion editor Jolanda Coetzer, Photography: Ugne Pouwell Growing a great beard and keeping it looking groomed involves a bit more than the occasional trim at the local barbers. Your daily routine should include a good grooming/nourishing product like beard oil to keep your skin moisturised, beard hair from drying and splitting and also avoid the awful [...]

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BeBeautiful: Leonor Greyl hair and body oil

When we were planning our beauty shoot 'What lies beneath' Leonor Greyl was a go to brand to be featured. Our floral theme perfectly tied in with the history of the brand which began with the meeting of Leonor, a hair care and beauty fanatic, and Jean-Marie, an engineer and very keen botanist. The brand started with the idea [...]

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Molly’s House – BeExposed Fashion Editorial – Issue#6

Our AW14 fashion editorial was our most ambitious and challenging yet. 18 months ago we would have never of thought we would be dragging half of the contents of Oxfam and suitcases full of designers masterpieces across London. These were the creations we needed to style our shoot, along with a beautiful Royal Ballet dancer, a body [...]

‘Oops, I didn’t know I couldn’t talk about sex’ – By Kevin Hunter

I'm sitting here watching as a woman is tied to a chair, groping hands grabbing at her PVC clad body, the words "express your self don't repress your self" resonating through me like some kind of breathless Buddhist mantra. No unfortunately I'm not in some kinky sex dungeon in Knightsbridge, although give me time all [...]

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ISSUE#6 IS OUT NOW – Meet our cover star MNEK

  Editor’s Notes: Santa baby, fill my stocking with a Rolex and cheques. It's clear what Marilyn thought of Christmas, but we think it's the season to feel joy, reflect and be humble. Don't panic about the goals you haven't met and instead reflect back on a year full of things that you have done and what you have accomplished. Remember it’s that fire [...]

BeBeautiful: New Androgyny

  Who says men can't wear makeup, and who says women need to look like Jessica Rabbit? This look was created for both sexes by talented make up artist Jolanda Coetzer in our fashion editorial for the latest issue of BeExposed. The key this look is to create perfect skin that looks glowing and healthy, there [...]

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BeBeautiful: Halloween Special – By Holly Davies

  Here's a little something to wet your appetite for this Halloween. I'm sure you will all want to create something a little scary for your nights out, so here is something I did very quickly and I hope that you can take inspiration from my possessed witch makeup look! Step by step: For the base [...]

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BeBeautiful: Get the Look by MUA Holly Davies

  Happy Friday people! The sun is beaming in our beloved city so it would be rude to keep the bright summer colours hidden inside. Sun, plus that fact that the festival season has well and truly landed, we feel you to express your colours through the art of self styling. Make up expert Holly [...]

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