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Playlist: Sunday Session – April 2016

April came and went in it's usual drag queen get up... wearing every season like some kind of meteorological outfit demon. Fortunately we kept a level head and continued raiding the coffers of every new sonic offering we could find. Ranging from Analogue Dears slightly bizarre (but very beautiful) rendition of Eurotrash classic 'Better Off [...]

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BeHeard: Exclusive Mix – The Dancing Bear

Midland-born come London scenester 'The Dancing Bear' has the the most outrageous vinyl collection. Boasting a unique talent for instantly setting a vibe, his track selections and mixes never fail to impress. This live vinyl mix offers up some chilled downtempo house and techno with smooth elements of hip-sop and jazz - auditory valium after a long day [...]

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BeHeard: Wolfie – Survival Playlist

For our latest issue we caught up with one of London's latest RnB protégés - Laura Wolfe AKA Wolfie. A one to watch, as fresh out of university, Wolfie’s 4 independent releases over the past year - with minimal promotion - have naturally received wide acclaim through their poignant quality, relatability and originality. Her phenomenal [...]

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BeHeard: An Interview with Jakwob by Lawence Linnell  

With Digital Soundboy 10 Year Anniversary: THE LAST PARTY only 2 weeks away, we are looking back to the talent who have released unforgettable tracks throughout the decade. In our latest issue of BeExposed we caught up with multi-instrumentalist and versatile electronic producer/DJ, James Edward Jacob AKA Jakwob. We discussed his movements in music before and [...]

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Interview: Simon Hinter by Jacob de Berker

Simon Hinter’s been making quiet waves for some years now. Limited release EPs on the Phil Records label have seen his beautifully crafted take on house music weaving it’s way in to an ever increasing number of avid listeners ears. More recently he has been featured on Hafendisko’s ‘Nummer Eins’ Compilation and last years Nomina [...]

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Sunday Session: Wolfie – I Be Ghost remix by Ray Sargent

This Sunday we lend our ears to an incredible new remix of Wolfie’s self-penned creation ‘I Be Ghost’ by 22-year-old Ray Sargent. Giving an open invite for any producer to blend their sound with hers, London based producer Ray Sargent offered his hand and has created this booming R&B remix. Rather than going down the [...]

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Ones to watch: Teddy – Laid Bare

Last month we caught up with Tom, Eddy and Alex - London based Indie-Poppers Teddy. A triptych of theatrical pragmatists who use the Indie paradigm, politically charged lyricism and gloriously extroverted demeanours to project their dreamy melodious music into enthralling arty performances. Teddy who similarly to The Smiths, derive their name from something that was “So lame it [...]

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BeSocial: 20 Years of ADE – Amsterdam Dance Event 2015

With a grand total of 350,000 visitors and over 2000 acts, 500 speakers and 1000 events the 20th ADE has packed its bags and danced off into the sunset. Bones aching, feet weary but defiantly triumphant. All that remains now is to reminisce over a universe of new sights and sounds, follow up on all [...]

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The Playlist: When We Dream

We have yet to unravel the deepest facets of our unconscious, specifically dreams. But we do know that music (in our visceral interaction with it) can heavily influence our thoughts, sensations and images whilst we are drifting off to sleep (and beyond.) This playlist aims to assist you to reach a peaceful, introspective, meditative state; [...]

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