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ASOS Fashion Discovery – Young Designer Competition

It can be tough for any young person to succeed these days in landing their dream job, but even more so in the competitive fashion industry. ASOS is launching, for the first time, a talent search calling in designers and makers who have the passion and drive to stand out from the crowd. Teaming up with [...]

Half Hour with Hattie Collins: BeInspired in Grime

The music industry is an ever-changing sea of talent and sounds, with an almost limitless reach. This attribute can also be extended to a select few who operate behind the scenes, pulling the strings that can guide us to the music that really matters. The interview subject for this issue is by no means new [...]

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Event: Valentines Special

  Whether you are planning a romantic getaway, a night on the town with your friends or like me are off to do something totally anti Valentines with my boyfriend like going to see Derren Brown’s Infamous where explores talking to the dead, mediums and hypnosis...probably not first date material! However the BeExposed team have [...]

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