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Playlist: Sunday Session – April 2016

April came and went in it's usual drag queen get up... wearing every season like some kind of meteorological outfit demon. Fortunately we kept a level head and continued raiding the coffers of every new sonic offering we could find. Ranging from Analogue Dears slightly bizarre (but very beautiful) rendition of Eurotrash classic 'Better Off [...]

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The Playlist: The Bedroom

It's winter, the days are short the nights are long and the weather is horrible. Fortunately this means that the only sensible thing to do is hibernate in your bedroom with a suitable playmate to help maintain body temperature. And we're here to help with our sonic version of the little blue pill.... well not [...]

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Playlist: Sunday Sessions November 2015

Winter is well and truly here... the trees are bare, the weather is miserable and we're all maintaining our happiness by upping our red wine intake. However, November was a pretty perfect month for new music. Floating Points delivered what will most certainly be featured in all album of the year lists, Jamie Woon finally [...]

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Sunday Session: October 2015

October has been a jam packed month for us. We have been running all over London creating photoshoots for our next issue, staying up late interviewing and vibing with amazing artists at their gigs, let along spending 5 strong days at ADE! So on reflection we felt it was only right to bring you a [...]

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The Playlist: When We Dream

We have yet to unravel the deepest facets of our unconscious, specifically dreams. But we do know that music (in our visceral interaction with it) can heavily influence our thoughts, sensations and images whilst we are drifting off to sleep (and beyond.) This playlist aims to assist you to reach a peaceful, introspective, meditative state; [...]

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BeExposed: Sunday Sessions – September 2015

September is always a great time for music. With the hype of summer slowly drifting into the midst, September is when artists go back to work - usually inspired by the great months they've had performing over the summer and this September has been no different. We were spoilt for choice this month with new [...]

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The Playlist: I Wear My Sunglasses At Night

So we have waved goodbye to summer - those long warm days and bright nights. Although festival season is officially drawing to a close, do not despair; September brings a new kind of party. It's time to forget raving during the day and take back the dreary nights that us Brits are too familiar with [...]

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The Playlist: Sunday Session – August 2015

So we have stepped into the month of September. The heavens have opened and there is a sharp chill in the air, a familiar sense that autumn is on its way. So in our August playlist we are reflecting back to the tunes that captivated our summer months. Having distinct memories of blasting out Kaytranadas [...]

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Sunday Session – June 2015

June’s been quite a month for music, culminating of course with Glastonbury and the beginning of festival season proper. As ever we have been hunting for our favorite new acts, returning friends and anything else that makes us perk up our ears. Artwork: Model: Lily Ellis Photographer: Rob Parfit Art Direction: Tiffany Baron MUA: Jolanda [...]

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